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In this blog ,We discuss about What is barrel roll and Barrel Roll program. Before discuss What Is Google Barrel Roll program First you need to you know When and Why google launch that Barrel Roll program. barrel roll program is a fun trick google launched for his users for experience of some Google fun tricks for google users. Lets we discuss about When and Why Google launch Barrel Roll program.

Google Barrel Roll Program launch ?

Google launch a program in year 2011 “Barrel Roll” program. Google launch this program for google users for fun activity and having do some fun with google. This playful feature appears to be more of an Easter egg or a whimsical addition rather than a formal program with a specific purpose. Google often introduces such elements and new programs to entertain users and showcase its creative and playful side.

why does Google do a Barrel Roll

As we seen on increasing the number of users day by day on google ,Google launch many program time to time for google users. 4 September 1998 on this date Google launch, and after that google launch many program for having fun and excitement of google users. Do a Barrel Roll ,Zerg Rush ,Pac man ,Google Gravity ,Google mirror. They all are google program google launched for entertaining and interesting Google tricks you can try

Do A Barrel Roll On Google?

For doing Barrel Roll you need to choose what time you want to Do A Barrel Roll for fun on google and experience the amazing screen rotation fun of your screen. You need to select what time to Do A Barrel Roll ,if you select 10 times To Do A Barrel Roll , 20 Times To Do A Barrel Roll ,and 100 Times Do A Barrel Roll you just need to select what time you want to Do. Search “Google Barrel Roll” on google and choose Do A Barrel Roll option and enter. your screen is start rotation with fun on google.

What Is Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times

We are here for exploring What Is Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times . If you type on Google Barrel Roll to Do 10 times Barrel Roll you just seen the rotation of entire screen 10 times in the direction of the clock and changes the order sequence of its google search results to rotate your screen and amaze your vision. This is the most popular google techniques for numerous browsers on google, especially for Chrome browsers and Firefox browser. Do a barrel roll 10 times is for secret google fun trick and thing to do when you are getting bored at home alone or waiting for google search result page.

Make More Fun With Do a Barrel Roll

If you want to more play with google you just need to do search do a barrel roll on google and select the number you want to do. You see the search button on screen then now you need to enter Do a barrel roll 10 times ,or 20 times and 100 times and what time you want to do. you just seen your screen is rotating and having some fun and exiting on screen of device. Repeat these steps again and again, each time you want to see the “do a barrel roll” animation on screen. Through this way, you can experience the secret fun trick multiple times for making fun at alone and also together with friends. Keep in mind always that this is just only a playful Google Easter egg and doesn’t have any practical functionality.


In conclusion we discuss about google exiting and funny trick for google users – Barrel Roll and how to do Barrel Roll on google. Google discover this program only for making and some fun and time pass for users. Google also discover many other program for users and always try to having fun and making some interest on google. On the next blog post on what topic you want to know please comment below. Techyidiot Team always available to hear you and try our best to resolve your query and questions.

Q: What is the “do a barrel roll” Google trick?

It’s a fun Easter egg where typing “do a barrel roll” in the Google search bar makes the entire page do a 360-degree spin.

Q: Can I do google barrel roll on my mobile phone?

yes sure, google allow all device to experience this technology in free. also google uses a CSS3 animation to rotate page elements, creating a playful barrel roll effect.

Q: Is Google barrel roll is an official Google feature?

No, it’s a playful Easter egg, not an official feature. Google adds such fun elements temporarily for humor and fun for users.

Q: How does the trick work?

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