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Welcome Gamers, today in this article, we guide you step by step and how you can complete Free Fire call back event. We will also discuss about Garena International and its Battle royale game, Shooter video Games of Free Fire Garena.
Gamers, read this article very carefully now I am going to guide you step by step, two easy ways to complete the call back event in these online games. You can complete quickly the Call Back Event, and earn many rewards if you follow my instructions in this article step by step. Lets start

free fire call back event screenshot of loot crate in which free fire loot crate and rewards with claim option in yellow coloured box

What is Call Back Event?

Gamers, in free fire game, Call Back is a game event, various in game event time to time is making interest and excitement in game. In free fire game call back event is comes in once a month in every month. Gamers call back event is such an event in which you will get new and exciting rewards, you need to just invite your friends back in this game. that means you have to call your old friends in this game again. But Gamers, in this event, the main focus of this event is, you need to call only those 1 month old offline friends who have not played the game since 1 month.
Gamers, this event becomes not so difficult for free fire gaming lovers. After completing the Call Back Event after time mentioned in event, you will get many Free Rewards and Titles.

Now we discuss with step by step to how can you complete the Call Back Event and earn rewards.

How to complete the Call Back Event

To complete the Call Back mode in Free Fire, you need to invite all your old friends in the game who have not played the game since a month. Gamers, let start step by step how you can complete the Call Back Event –

Step 1- First of all you need to open free fire game in your device and login your account,  You will see a banner of  call back event on display add. you also find it in your event section.

Step 2- The call back event of Battle Style Event is going on, in which you will need to invite 7 offline old friends who have not played the game and showing offline status for 1 month and more.

Step 3- You will get full list of all offline friends in your event, now you need to invite your seven old offline friends by looking in the list.

Step 4- you can also invite your old offline friends in free fire game from social media link share to call back.

Step 5- After invite, your friend needed to accept your invite and call back again in free fire game.

Step 6- Now, you get many rewards and outfits in your rewards section. Let’s enjoy this game and share with more friends.

Call Back Event Rewards

These are the eligible rewards system of call back free fire event. players can claim it if they successfully call back their friends and complete their mission.

free fire call back event player list with their score for call back event
  1. Call back success with one friend – 1 Diamond Royale Voucher Reward.
  2. Call back success with three friends – 2 Diamond Royale Vouchers and 1 Aqua Loot Box in extra Reward.
  3. Call back success with five friends – 2 Diamond Royale Vouchers Reward.
  4. Call back success with seven friends – 3 Diamond Royale Vouchers.

Garena free fire new event

The new event in free fire game for play with Friends Callback event. The event’s name pretty much sums it up. You need to complete mission in game, and call back your inactive and offline friends, and play the required matches with friends and get the rewards. The Reward items include multiple Incubator vouchers, a weapon loot crate, and more rewards. The voucher you earn in rewards is used for redeem new crates and rewards.

free fire Call Back Event Problems

Now, we go for complete the Call Back game Event, we come to know that the names of friends in the list are not in my active contacts. That means, He/ she is not connected in my any social media platform. Because of this problem, we are not able to complete the call back event at time. So Gamers, Don’t worry call back event is come in every month in free fire game. So you can easily complete this event after reading this article. Now  we discuss about website that help you to complete call back mode easily.       

Free Fire Call Back Event Websites

as I told, due to lack of contact on social media friends , we are not able to complete this event call back. some friends also ignore and decline our invite due to which our call back event is not completed.

Some websites on internet that help to complete this event, from which you can complete your Call Back mode in free fire. you can go to the Call Back Event Website by clicking on the Complete your Call back .

free fire call back event poster image by free fire official release

how to complete call back event in website

In this free call back website, you just have to enter the id and Region of your game and click to submit your call back event. It will be completed after sometime. This is a free website that completes your call back event in free and you may get earn free rewards. This website is called Call Back Tool. .

From this amazing website, you can claim free of cost all the rewards by doing your call back event successfully.

free fire call back event poster new in free fire mode


free fire call back event is launched by Garena gaming. This event is come in game in every month. We can get many rewards and surprises by completing this event. we provide you the best website to complete your call back event free of cost. thanks for reading this article and giving your valuble time in this article.

How Do You Complete The Call Back Event In FF?

You Need To Invite Your Friends Through Social Media And Tell Him To Join And Play Free Fire.

What Is The Next Event Of Free Fire

Indonesia Spring 2024 Is Next Event In Free Fire. It Is Launched In 01.02.24

How Many People Play Free Fire 2023?

More Than 190M Daily Active Users Is Playing This Game Daily.

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