How to capture your computer screen display in picture and video formats

If you are facing any difficulty in capturing screenshots or recording screen videos on your computer screen or Windows laptop display, you can read the guide in our article to record any media for free and save it to your gallery. It is a unique experience that allows you to save important pictures and videos that are relevant to your work or may be useful later by using certain shortcut keys in VLC media.

how to screen capture on computer

Capturing the screen with photos and videos is free on all computers, and it is available by default with shortcut keys on all computers. With this feature, you can take screenshots of essential information displayed on your desktop screen and save it to your gallery. It also helps in recording necessary videos that you may not be able to download and store in your gallery. The availability of shortcut keys for taking screenshots and screen recording depends on the model of the computer and the Windows software being used. Some essential shortcut keys include:

Windows key + Print Screen key
Windows button + Volume-down key
snipping tool
Print Screen
These are some important shortcut keys that you can use to easily capture screenshots or record your screen.
you can also use screen capture app on playstore.

how to computer screen video capture

Science is progressing so rapidly that now, along with taking screenshots, we can also do screen recording, which is both useful and harmful. With screen recording and screenshots, we can store our essential information in the form of images or videos. If you need to gather information for your office or school and find it difficult or time-consuming to search for it again, taking screenshots and screen recording can be very useful for you. However, some people misuse this technology by taking screenshots or recording videos of someone’s personal information obtained through leaks and storing them in their gallery, then sharing them further. This is not right, and we should avoid such misuse.

how to screen capture on mobile

Taking screenshots on mobile phones has become not only a necessity but also a habit, where we can capture and record even the smallest information on our mobile phones and store it in our Phone gallery. We just have to press some of the shortcut buttons given on the mobile phone, like the volume up and down buttons and the power button, simultaneously and our work is done.


In conclusion, I am going to share some important information related to screenshots that indicates they are both useful and harmful for us. If you are sharing any personal information or private pictures with anyone, make sure to be cautious that they do not take a screenshot or screen capture of it. For this purpose, you can also apply time limits or private locks to your photos, which will provide you with added security. Stay connected with us for more such technical information and share your thoughts in the comments below.

How do I capture a screen image on my PC?

capture screem in image and video format is very simple and free for all computers. you just need to enter shortcut keys like Windows key + Print Screen key • Windows button + Volume-down key • snip • Print Screen

How to record screen in Windows 10?

record screen in windows 10 is very simple and free process. simply enter the key ctrl+prt sc.

What are the 3 ways to take a screenshot?

1. press shortcut key
2. press volume up up and power button.
3. press volume down and power button of mobile phone at same time

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