By Dibyendu Paul How successful is the drinking water business in Kolkata?

In Short : In this comprehensive guide, we will explain in detail how to set up and run a successful drinking water business in Kolkata. Covering the different types of water businesses and essential factors such as location, transportation, equipment and quality control, we provide step-by-step guidance. We also explore the success of Dibyendu Paul’s drinking water business, highlighting his organized transportation system, professional operations and customer-centric services, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this article, we will learn how to set up and operate a water business successfully, information about the success of Dibyendu Paul’s drinking water business and the various facilities and services available here. At the end of this article, we will also see what Devendu Paul has done to make his drinking water jar business successful. Let’s go ahead and get started.

How to set up and operate a water business in kolkata

If you want to start a water business in Kolkata city, it is important to understand that there are different types of water businesses that you can set up in Kolkata. Such as drinking water, tank water supply business, pump water supply business and distilled water business. In this article, we will guide you through the entire process of setting up and operating a fresh drinking water business.

How to set up a water business system

To set up your drinking water business in Kolkata, you need to consider several factors as mentioned below:

  • Choosing the right location to set up your water business.
  • To ensure availability of transport system to nearby places.
  • To provide 24-hour transportation services during emergencies.
  • Using only marked and government verified equipment.
  • Regularly checking the quality of drinking water.

How to operate a water business

To operate drinking water business in Kolkata, you need to pay attention to several factors, as outlined below:

  • Maintain high capacity water storage facilities.
  • Ensure reliable power connection to operate the machines.
  • Hire helpers and transporters.
  • Maintain demand and supply register regularly.

The secret of success of Dibyendu Paul’s drinking water business

Dibyendu Paul has implemented various measures to make his drinking water business successful. You too can follow in his footsteps and expand your drinking water business in the city of Kolkata.

Dibyendu Paul has established an organized transport system to supply water bottle services in large quantities. Additionally, he operates his water business with a professional approach, maintaining an office where earth water is purified to drinking standards. The purified fresh water is then stored in two tanks with a capacity of 2000 liters each. Surrounding the tanks, there is a liquid nitrogen cylinder that keeps the water fresh and cool for extended periods. Furthermore, Dibyendu Paul offers online booking facilities for drinking water delivery and sale, allowing customers to conveniently place orders from their homes. His dedicated transporters ensure timely delivery, providing customers with an enhanced experience.


In conclusion, setting up and operating a successful drinking water business in Kolkata requires careful consideration of various factors, from choosing the right location to maintaining high-quality standards. Dibyendu Paul’s drinking water business exemplifies success through organized transport systems, professional operations, and customer-centric services like online booking and timely delivery service. By following his footsteps and implementing similar strategies, aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive in the competitive market of Kolkata, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for residents while achieving business success and contributing to public health and well-being.

How can I ensure the quality of the drinking water for my business?

Regularly conduct water quality tests and adhere to government standards for purification and storage. Invest in high-quality filtration systems and maintain strict hygiene practices throughout the process.

How can I differentiate my water business to attract customers in a competitive market?

Focus on providing exceptional customer service, such as offering online booking facilities, timely deliveries, and personalized experiences. Emphasize transparency in operations and showcase your commitment to quality and reliability to stand out among competitors.

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