best water distribution supply in Kolkata, 700030

In Short : In Kolkata Dum Dum, we provide the best drinks and fresh water delivery service at wholesale rates. Our distribution network ensures clean and fresh water supply for events and general use. Founded by Dibyendu Paul, we operate a freshwater factory, providing affordable home delivery service.

If you are searching for the best water distribution service at wholesale rates near the Kolkata Dum Dum area, you are in the right place. Here, we have the best water distribution network and supply, the optimal solution for your drinking water needs. Suppose you are looking for a large quantity of water for a party, event, or function. In that case, you must read this article thoroughly, which elaborates on our distribution network and event management services in detail. Additionally, it provides comprehensive information about our contact details and service locations. Finally, we will also share detailed information about pricing fees. Let’s get started.

drinking fresh groundwater factory and distribution network in Kolkata dum dum

who we are

We are an individual business owner founded by Dibyendu Paul, who operates a freshwater factory at Pubi Sithi Dam, Kolkata, 700030. We fill empty jars with clean and fresh soil water at very affordable prices, and we also provide home delivery of water at wholesale rates. we provide the best water distribution network.

where are we located

we are Situated In JCG2+VQ9, 207, Purba Sinthee Bye Ln, Purba Sinthi, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700030.
Check Out This Place On Google Maps Https://Maps.App.Goo.Gl/J7qTyXthmNnTVaZg8

what we provide

We provide the best mineral water delivery system in Dumdum area of ​​Kolkata, whether it is for general use or for any event or function. We provide the best service for supplying freshwater jars at wholesale rates. Additionally, we also provide empty water jars supply services. Even though many customers do not have their own jars, we facilitate the supply of empty jars at very reasonable prices.

Our Distribution Network Area

best fresh and drinking water distribution network and supply vehicle service in Kolkata, 700030

We cover a large percentage of Kolkata Dum Dum area where there is a high demand or need for the supply of fresh water jars. For this purpose, we have set up a water delivery network in which a vehicle is always ready to provide fresh water jar services at any time. Come learn more about our pricing structure.

Our Pricing Structure

We provide water jar filling services at very reasonable rates, and the home delivery cost of fresh drinking water jars is also kept lower compared to other water distributors in Kolkata. The cost to fill an empty drinking water jar is ₹10 per bottle. If more than 10 bottles of drinking water need to be filled, the offer price is ₹9 per bottle. The pricing structure for fresh drinking water home delivery is as follows:

₹25 for one water jar
₹20 per jar for orders of 5 or more jars (offer price).
Additionally, we also provide the facility of an additional discount percentage on bulk orders of drinking water for events and gatherings.

our contact details

For inquiries regarding their services, booking and delivery system information contact Dibyendu Paul Fresh Wholesale Rate Drinking Water Supply at 9748252630.


Finally, if you want the best fresh drinking water delivery service near Kolkata Dum Dum at wholesale rates, you have found your solution. Our extensive network ensures reliable access to clean, fresh water for all your needs. Contact us now for enquiries, booking and efficient water delivery. Dibyendu Paul Experience the difference of fresh wholesale rate drinking water supply in Kolkata.

How can I place an order for water delivery?

To place an order, simply contact us at 9748252630 for inquiries and booking freshwater.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we provide additional discount percentage on bulk orders of drinking water for much big events and huge gatherings.

Is your water supply regularly tested for quality and safety?

Yes, we conduct regular quality checks to ensure our water service and supply meets safety standards for drinking or not.

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