ADT Pulse and ADT Control –Top 6 new security features you need to Know

ADT is one of the biggest and most renowned home security solutions providers based in the United States. It offers services in more than 44 states across the country. With time, ADT has continued evolving and growing, incorporating the latest technology in its home security systems. ADT Pulse and ADT Control are two types of home security systems ADT has launched in the recent past. However, ADT Pulse is slowly being phased out, with more focus and loads of features being launched into the ADT Control service.

ADT Pulse And ADT control Mobile

ADT Pulse and ADT Control for mobile phone

Both ADT Pulse and ADT Control have mobile phone applications that offer a lot of benefits and conveniences to their customers apart from proactive security. ADT Pulse application was launched first back in 2010 and ADT continued updating it. It’s still functional today, but ADT plans to replace it eventually with the ADT Control that was launched in 2019.

However, the apps are not the only thing making the two different. There are a bunch of features that you may find similar or different between the two.

In this article, let’s take a look at what ADT Pulse and ADT Control are and what separates the two.

Features of ADT Pulse and ADT Control

ADT Control is an improved version of ADT Pulse, which is why any features, related to home automation and security, that are found in ADT Pulse are also found in ADT Control. However, ADT Control has some additional features as well.

We’ll talk about these features later, here are the features that are found in both ADT Pulse and ADT Control:

Instant Notifications and Alerts

ADT alarms get triggered when a sensor is activated and sends a signal to the control panel. Generally, a motion sensor will trigger an alarm if it recognizes movement while it’s armed. Similarly, a fire sensor will trigger the fire alarm if it picks up a sudden temperature rise in your house or detects smoke. However, if you’re not in your house or the alarm’s range, then these alarms are of no use.

However, this isn’t the case with ADT Pulse and ADT Control. So, if an ADT alarm gets triggered, you’ll get an instant notification about it on your smartphone. These notifications can also be turned on for things like a doorbell ring, the opening of your doors, arming and disarming of your alarm system, and more.

Carbon Monoxide Alerts

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is released when wood, charcoal, or other burning fuels are burned. It has no odor, smell, or color, which makes it impossible to detect with the naked eye. Carbon monoxide can build up in homes, especially the ones that have wood-fired chimneys, and can cause serious health effects, fainting, and even death in a matter of minutes. Having a carbon monoxide sensor is absolutely necessary in every home.

Even if you’re not home and your carbon monoxide sensors detect excess CO gas in your home, it’ll send you an alert so that you know and can take appropriate action to avoid getting exposed to it.

Arming or Disarming the Alarm System Remotely

ADT Pulse and ADT Control allow you to arm or disarm your alarm systems remotely. This feature comes in handy in a lot of situations. For example, in case of a false trigger, you don’t need to rush back to your place to disarm the system. Similarly, if you can disarm the system without stepping out of your vehicle as you pull into your driveway, etc.

Live Video Surveillance

Both ADT Pulse and ADT Control allow you to view the live surveillance footage from your security cameras, both inside and outside your home. This includes the doorbell cameras as well. Moreover, the app allows you to take screenshots and record short clips from the footage. This is particularly important in case there has been an incident where you need to capture the suspect or take a snapshot or clip to warn the neighbors about something suspicious, etc.

Remote Locking and Unlocking

A lot of times, people forget if they have locked their doors when leaving the house. It keeps them in a state of constant anxiety until they either return to their homes, check the locks, or ask someone else they trust to check it for them. However, with ADT’s home automation through their smartphone apps, you can easily lock and unlock your doors and check their status on your smartphone app. This not only makes it more convenient, but it also provides users peace of mind that their home is locked and safe in their absence.

Control Over Home Appliances and Devices

ADT Pulse and ADT Control allow you to connect your smart home appliances and devices and control them from anywhere and anytime. Some of the most common smart devices and appliances people connect are smart lights, plugs, thermostats, door locks, etc.

Remote home automation is a great convenience for people. Forgot to turn off the lights when leaving your home? Getting late and want to turn the lights in your driveway on? Want to adjust the temperature on your thermostat before you reach home? Check and open the door. All of this is possible with remote home automation features.

Furthermore, it’s not just convenience. Home automation like turning on and off the lights and plugs or adjusting the thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills.

Voice Control

If you have voice control assistants, like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, you can sync them with your ADT Pulse or ADT Control app and control your home appliances and devices with voice commands. Moreover, you can arm and disarm your alarm system with voice commands. ADT Control has built-in support for Alexa. For ADT Pulse, you’ll have to set it up manually.

ADT plus security additional features

Additional Features that Make ADT Control Worth the Upgrade!

The ADT Control home automation system offers a range of options to customize your entire setup. You can not only enjoy the seamless ADT Control app but also add more devices and security features to make it all worthwhile. Here are some additional features you may be interested in.

ADT Command – A 7 Inch Touch Screen Panel

In ADT Pulse systems, you get a keypad which is the control panel. However, if you upgrade to the ADT wireless Control service, you will get the ADT Command device, which is a touchscreen color panel. This is an interactive screen that lets your control all of your security systems from one place, control your home appliances and devices, access or edit your information, watch live footage from the surveillance cameras, and let you arm and disarm alarms.

Front Camera in the Control Panel

The ADT Command panel has a built-in front camera that captures a picture of whoever disarms an alarm. The new and advanced panel displays the user’s code that was used to disarm the alarm and captures the picture of the person who entered the code, which helps a lot in case an incident occurs.

Native Amazon’s Alexa

We mentioned how ADT Pulse supports voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. However, it’s not built-in and you’ll have to set it up manually. You’ll have to buy Amazon Echo Dot or Echo first, and then go through a few steps to integrate it on your mobile app. However, with ADT Control, Amazon’s Alexa comes built in. There’s no need to buy an additional Amazon device or set-up, it is much more convenient.

Amazon Fire TV Integration

Along with mobile phone integration, ADT Control also offers integration with Amazon Fire TV. With this, you can receive alerts and view your security cameras’ live footage on your TV screen.


Geofencing is a virtual perimeter that is set up by ADT. When your smartphone crosses this perimeter, you’ll get an alert on your phone if your door is not locked, if your alarm is disabled, and much more. You can enable or disable alerts as well if you don’t want unnecessary notifications. Furthermore, you can also set up your garage door and alarm system. When your smartphone enters the perimeter, your alarm will get disabled and your garage door will open automatically.

How well are the Apps Rated?

ADT Pulse and ADT Control are both great apps offered to ADT customers. You might not want to upgrade immediately, but it’s good to know how well each app performs. Both share good ratings on every platform because they make security systems more convenient and work efficiently.

ADT Pulse has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google’s Play Store for Android smartphones and 4.8 stars on Apple’s App Store for IOS users.

Similarly, ADT Control has a strong rating of 4.8 on the Apple App Store, while having a flawless 5.0 rating on the Google Play Store.

Packages that include ADT Pulse and ADT Control

ADT offers two packages that include remote access and home automation through ADT Pulse and ADT Control. Here are the details and ADT packages prices:

ADT Smart

ADT Smart For home Security

ADT Smart is a home security package offered by ADT that provides a touchscreen panel, 3 windows, and door sensors, and a motion detector. In addition to this, ADT Smart includes a Smart Door Lock and Plug. The initial rental fee for this package starts at $15.32, and you have the option to add more features and options at a slight additional cost.

One notable benefit of ADT Smart over other home security packages is its remote access capabilities through ADT Pulse or ADT Control. ADT Smart grants you remote mobile access and home automation. This means that you can use a smartphone or tablet app to access video surveillance of your home. Furthermore, the home automation feature allows you to control various aspects of your home, such as smart lights, plugs, thermostats, door locks, and more.

ADT Complete

ADT Complete, as the name implies, is the most comprehensive home security package provided by ADT. The equipment included in this package encompasses everything offered in ADT Smart packages, with the addition of an indoor HD Camera and a doorbell camera. The rental fee for the equipment starts at $17.48, and by opting for the package, you gain access to a range of added benefits for $57.99 per month.

One standout feature of ADT Complete is its 24/7 video surveillance and storage. This means that constant recording is in effect, allowing you to easily review the captured footage at any time. ADT ensures the safe storage of the recorded footage, and only authorized individuals, including yourself, can access it. This package also includes remote access and home automation through ADT Pulse and ADT Control.

Final Thoughts

ADT is one of the best home security solutions providers, and its home automation and remote access through its smartphone application, ADT Pulse and ADT Control, enhance your home’s security and make it more convenient for you to control. If you need more information regarding their packages or applications, feel free to reach out to the ADT customer service team.

Does ADT have smart home devices?

Yes, ADT offers smart home devices.ADT Smart includes a Smart Door Lock and Plug. The initial rental fee for this package starts at $15.32, and you have the option to add more features and options at a slight additional cost.

How much is the ADT smart home package?

The initial rental fee for this package starts at $15.32, and you have the option to add more features and options at a slight additional cost.

What does the ADT stand for?

ADT stands for American District Telegraph, which is the former name of the company now known as ADT Inc.

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